About Us
Online Sales & Services Sdn Bhd was founded in the year 1983 and has served Malaysian's Radio Communication  needs for more than a decade. Located in Melaka Raya heart of Melaka Historical City. We are a global distributor of reliable Radio Communications  products from various countries around the world.

You are welcome and be invited to come & talk to us on your radio communication needs, be it regarding handheld long/short range walkie talkies, 2-way mobile radios, marine/Aviation band, Radio  Amateur ham radio, repeater/base station and etc. We provide sales, rental, repair, maintenance, parts replacements, reprogramming  for "frequency matching" of walkie talkies & 2-way radios.

We also provides our expertise consultation on radio equipment safety & lightning protection systems for protection against potential fire hazards or damages to your valuable equipments.

Please come and talk to us before the next lightning strikes !!!

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