Our Service

  • We sell / Rent / Repair / Refurbish & Reprogramming of 2-way radios / walkie talkies of various brands & makes.

  • We provide a wide range of radio products including conventional and global communication walkie talkies, marine & Aviation Air band radio, base stations, repeater system and etc.

  • We provide value added rental & Maintenance Scheme for walkie talkies & Radio Equipments

  • We also provide "Frequency Pairing" for cross talking to all existing walkie talkie networks at end user sites.

  • We undertake and providing our expertise knowledge in setting up and commissioning of Repeaters / Base Stations for higher radio communication needs.

  • We also cater for Radio Amateur / Ham radio hobbyist equipments and accessories including frequency & power output measurement instruments.

  • We provide consultancy on recommendation of Ham radio station setup and Antenna applications.

  • Our expertise includes knowledge on safety and lightning protection system against damages.

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